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About Kevin Humphrys

I am the founder of the Sussex Centre for Individual Growth (SCIG). My name is Kevin Humphrys, CertCS, DipPS, BA (Hon's) Th & RS, PGDip Min, MCS (Accred), CCC (Reg). At SCIG we offer Counselling, Pastoral Counselling and other complementary therapies throughout East and West Sussex. We are in easy reach of Brighton, Hove, Southwick, Portslade, Shoreham, Lancing, Worthing, Ferring and Littlehampton. For further information please go to I am an Accredited Professional Member of the Counselling Society and a CCC Registered Counsellor.

Popular Questions I’ve Been Asked

How do you overcome your biggest fear? 1) Explore your reasons behind the fear and challenge them 2) Learn some relaxation techniques which you can practice and use when confronting the fear 3) Expose yourself to the fear a little … Continue reading

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Are we just plain UNLUCKY?!

Just recently I’ve been feeling as though I have had my fair share of bad luck, and I wondered whether I am alone in this or whether this feeling is shared by the vast majority out there from time to time. … Continue reading

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Is One Solution EVER Enough?!

Many of us have been aware through TV, websites and even movies, of the Mayan prophecy about the world ending in 2012. Well, thanks to an apparent error in converting the Mayan calendar, this has been postponed. However, the Mayans … Continue reading

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INSTANT-HAPPINESS (is that possible?)

How would you respond if I told you that you can be truly happy, right here and now, regardless of who you are, where you are and what you are doing? Yes, you that’s right – you can be happy here … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Music

I enjoy music. I always have. I have such a varied taste in music that there is very few genres that I am unable to appreciate through several songs. I listen to all the latest music and my children, my … Continue reading

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Meditation (part 2)

In this piece on meditation I wanted to encourage you further to meditate by discussing how it can help us in our lives. It isn’t as easy as producing a list of how it can help us as individuals because we … Continue reading

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21st Century Enlightenment

Recently, Matthew Taylor (former Downing Street policy adviser to Tony Blair) had a bold vision for progress that was published in the Royal Society of Arts pamphlet. Matthew Taylor’s essay is now the strapline for the RSA, calling for a new … Continue reading

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